Director of Operations – Merchant Services

Bakersfield, CA

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Title: Director of Operations – Merchant Services (DO)

Location: Bakersfield, CA


Our client, a payment processor of over $450MM annually that is projected to grow exponentially, is looking for a Director of Operations – Merchant Services to deliver a top level of service to merchants while building and managing an outstanding team of operations professionals to address all aspects of the internal operations of a wholesale ISO. The Director of Operations will report to the CEO, and later the COO.


  • Conduct business with integrity and honesty while exercising diligence in protecting the ISO from undue risk and losses
  • Keep the ISO’s operations on track and in compliance with card brand regulations and all other compliance requirements
  • Provide accurate and timely information to senior management about the status of challenges and accomplishments of the ISO operations team
  • Clearly and concisely articulate all facets of the ISO’s operational requirements and goals to team embers
  • Understand, discuss, and lead the operations team to follow the ISO’s policies and procedures
  • Suggest updates and improvement to policies and procedures to other senior management
  • Take ownership of all facets of ISO operations which ISO undertakes and manage vendors for ISO operations which ISO outsources to third-parties
  • Directly responsible for Underwriting, Risk Monitoring, Merchant boarding and setup, Equipment setup and deployment Merchant statement, reporting, Customer service Processor reporting and interface, Bank sponsor compliance, audit and all compliance programs
  • Hire, mange, and build the ISO operations team
  • Gather customer feedback and report to senior management
  • Work the ISO merchant Retention Program to keep customers processing


  • Understands the full range of merchant processing, including merchant customer relations, ISO operations practices and procedures, pricing and customer statement, sales, merchant processing operations and positive merchant communications
  • As a key member of the senior management ream, must be a communications expert in dealing with the ISO’s clients ISO’s staff and other senior management
  • Confidence in you ability to solve problems and willingness to take the time to get all the facts when an issue is unclear
  • Ability to work through problems involving several variables in a familiar context
  • Ability to gather, collect, and classify information about data, people, or things
  • Listens carefully to and talks respectfully with all participants in our business: prospects, customers, salespersons, team members and management
  • Can answer  routine inquiries concerning ISO products and services while providing simple and direct explanations of what can be fairly complicated processes and procedures
  • Mental toughness to work through difficult and delicate issues to reach successful conclusions for client’s customers and for the ISO
  • Must have familiarity with CRM systems and bankcard operations tools and be able to learn a new system easily
  • Ability to effectively communicate through email and written form
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, and Excel primarily)
  • Must be flexible dealing with a broad range of projects